Tobasco Geode Teardrop Top Earrings


Tabasco Geodes are the smallest geode formation in the world. They have distinct coloring consisting of a green outer shell and tiny quartz crystals in the center. The center color can be red, gray, black, blue or white. These tiny geodes are chiseled out of the surrounding matrix by hand, making them difficult and time consuming to mine. Tobasco Geodes were first introduced as jewelry in the 1970’s and were wildly popular, causing their availability to be reduced for nearly 50 years while the mines were combed for more geodes.


Tobasco geodes are composed of both agate and quartz, and carries the properties of both stones. It can promote inner stability and maturing and encourage self-confidence. Tobasco geodes can stop desire for things your don’t need and help you juggle commitments and multiple jobs. It can increase your concentration and analytical abilities.

All of our silver, rose and yellow gold pieces are plated with a thick, high quality plating that is ten times the thickness of the industry standard for plating. We are so confident in the plating on our jewelry that we guarantee it for the life of the piece. 

Our Silver plated earrings are fitted with solid Sterling Silver earwires. We use only nickel free components in all of our jewelry. If they become tarnished, we recommend a soft polishing cloth.

Each earring measures approximately 20mm x 29mm.

All of our jewelry is designed and handmade in our home studio just outside of Seattle, WA. Each piece is electroformed for hours to create a durable bond between stone and metal elements making an heirloom quality piece that can be enjoyed for years to come. We also handcraft all the hardware for our chains in the corresponding metal to ensure the highest quality.

All of our silver, rose, and yellow gold pieces are plated with a thick, high quality plating that is ten times the thickness of the industry standard for plating. The plating is highly resistant to chipping, tarnishing, peeling and flaking. 

When wearing your plated rings, take them off when washing hands, showering, using lotion/chemicals or are planning to do hard work to avoid scraping the plated layer off of the ring.

Our chains are electro-plated using precious metal powders, selected from the highest quality chains by industry leading manufacturers. 

Chemical or abrasive cleaners are not advised for any plated jewelry. We recommend a soft polishing cloth, possibly one that includes a jeweler’s rouge for cleaning. Our favorite cloth is available at many retailers.

We offer FREE shipping in the United States with orders over $100. Items will ship 3-7 business days after your order is completed. We ship via USPS Priority or First Class Mail and will combine multiple items into one shipment. 

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