Ocean Jasper Round Ring

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This ring was designed and handmade in our home studio just outside of Seattle, WA. Each ring starts with a sterling silver band and a high quality gemstone. A copper bezel is then electroformed around the stone to create a durable bond between metal and stone elements. The entire ring is then sent out to be further plated in silver at a thickness ten times the industry standard. This results in an heirloom quality piece that can be enjoyed for years to come with proper care.

Ocean Jasper is a unique type of chalcedony that is formed through a combination of volcanic activity and sedimentation. It is primarily found off the coast of Madagascar, near the town of Marovato.

The formation of Ocean Jasper begins with the eruption of volcanoes, which release silica-rich magma into the surrounding area. Over time, this magma cools and solidifies into igneous rocks, including rhyolite and basalt.

As the volcanic rocks begin to weather and erode, silica-rich fluids are released into the surrounding area. These fluids seep into cracks and cavities in the rocks and begin to crystallize, forming the intricate patterns and colors that are characteristic of Ocean Jasper. These swirling patterns and unique colors are caused by the presence of various minerals, including iron, manganese, and other trace elements.

Over time, layers of sediment build up on top of the volcanic rocks, burying the Ocean Jasper formations deep beneath the earth's surface. The pressure and heat from the overlying sediment help to further crystallize the Ocean Jasper, creating the dense and durable gemstone that is prized by collectors and jewelry makers today.

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