Faceted Sunstone Ring


This ring was designed and handmade in our home studio just outside of Seattle, WA. Each ring starts with a sterling silver band and a high quality gemstone. A copper bezel is then electroformed around the stone to create a durable bond between metal and stone elements. The entire ring is then sent out to be further plated in silver at a thickness ten times the industry standard. This results in an heirloom quality piece that can be enjoyed for years to come with proper care.

Sunstone is a mineral that is known for its unique optical properties, such as its glittery appearance and bright metallic flashes of color. It is a type of feldspar that is composed of tiny crystals of copper or iron, which cause the stone to sparkle when it catches the light.

The earliest known use of sunstone dates back to ancient times. The Vikings, who were skilled navigators, used sunstone to navigate the open sea. They would hold the sunstone up to the sky and rotate it until they found the direction of the sun, even when it was obscured by clouds or fog.

Sunstone was also used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. They believed that sunstone was connected to the sun god, and it was often used in religious rituals and ceremonies. The stone was also prized for its beauty and was used in decorative objects and jewelry.

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